LIFE - BIO- Biology - the study of (-ology) living (bio-) things.
living vs. nonliving

    • have cell(s)
    • obtain and use energy
    • grow/move
    • adapt
    • respond to stimuli
    • reproduce within their species

DIVERSITY OF LIFE: The vast differences among the life on planet Earth are evident all throughout the planet. Regardless of the strangeness of the forms that we see, one thing is a hard and fast rule in biology: FORM FOLLOWS FUNCTION!
Form has function!

Examples for Anatomical Form & their Functions:
Structure: sharp teeth of a shark
Function: makes it easier for the shark to kill its prey

Structure: fur of a bear
Function: keeps the bear warm in cold climates

Structure: feathers of a bird
Function: allows the bird to fly

Structure: webbed feet of a duck
Function: allows the duck to swim faster

Check Yourself:

1) Why is water not an organism?
2) List the six characteristics of all living things.
3) Form follows function! What does this mean in biology?
4) List 2 strange anatomical (part of the anatomy of the creature) structures on any organisms and tell how their form (Shape) serves as a particular beneficial funtion to the organisms existence. You may not use the examples I have already provided on my website.
5) Look up the two theories for how life first began on Earth and briefly explain them in your OWN words. (The theories: Lerman Bubble Model vs. Primordial Soup Model)

a branching diagrammatic tree used in classification to illustrate
phylogenetic (evolutionary) relationships